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Devi Vishwakumar is an Argentinian singer-songwriter and actress. Her parents are Mohan and Nalini. Her father suffered a heart attack at fifteen during a concert and passed away. Leaving Devi paralyzed for three months, her father died of the effects of his illness. When she was very young, Devi became best friends with two girls, Fabiola and Eleanor, and stayed close with them through high school.

Never Have I Ever

In the teen drama, I never followed the life of fifteen-year-old Devi Vishwakumar. Devi is an overachieving, Indian-American high school sophomore. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan portrays Devi. Devi is outgoing, witty, and intellectual. However, she also possesses a fierce, savage side. Ultimately, Devi comes to terms with her grief and her newfound self-identity.

In real life, Devi Vishwakumar’s age is only fifteen. She was born in Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka. She started acting in school plays when she was five years old and was already fifteen when she landed the role in Never Have I Ever. Initially, Devi was studying to pursue a theatre degree at York University but deferred it to pursue her passion for human rights. In 2021, she planned to graduate with a human rights and equity studies degree.

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Devi Vishwa Kumar

The Indian-Canadian entertainer, Devi Vishwakumar, has achieved tremendous notoriety for herself in a concise amount of time. Her Netflix show has helped her gain enormous fame while simultaneously breaking the barriers that have kept Indian Canadians from having a mainstream entertainment career. With her new role in the show, she has been called a Hindu young lady. Moreover, she is a perfect example of what an Asian-Canadian young lady can be.

During the second season of “SpongeBob SquarePants,” Devi becomes Paxton’s ex-girlfriend and tries to win back his love. This doesn’t prove easy, as she feels sullied after the incident. Eventually, she decides to break up with Paxton. She also has an affair with the actress Emily Pugh. However, Devi does not shy away from being emotional about romance.

When she was young, Devi Vishwakumar’s father died of a heart attack while she was performing an orchestra concert. After this, Devi was paralyzed for three months. She became best friends with Eleanor and Fabiola while still in school and maintained these relationships even after her father passed away. Despite her painful childhood, she overcame her trauma and better understood her mother.

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In season one, Devi was a sophomore in high school and was the center of a love triangle with Paxton and Ben. While juggling her relationships with her boyfriends, she still grieves her father’s death. As a result, she gets fired from her retail job and focuses her time on her harp playing. Devi and Ben signed an agreement to separate their extracurricular activities, but later on, it seemed like a mistake. While they were adamant about it, the pact wasn’t made because they grew close, as both could not separate their sports.


The first episode of the season opens with Devi accidentally telling Zoe and Shira that Aneesa is anorexic. This drastically impacts her, and she feels extreme guilt about the incident. However, she does not give up and gets Aneesa back in no time. After all, she is her sister and a better mother than she is. She also hopes that her sister will be able to help her overcome her anorexia.

The episode begins with Devi, the oldest sister of Aneesa, being jealous of her friend. In school, Devi has failed P.E. Luckily; she has a chance to make up for the grade by competing in a 24-hour relay where she has to bring as many people as possible. She decides to invite Ben, but Devi is not a fan. Meanwhile, Aneesa tries to convince Devi to go to the cafeteria with her, but the boy is too young and rejects her.

Later, Devi tries to get Aneesa back but cannot convince her mother. She invites Nalini to help her. Nalini agrees to help Devi convince Aneesa’s mother. However, it does not go well with her father. Nalini is a good friend, so she feels sorry for Devi. The episode ends with Devi getting the girl back.


The actress, Devi Vishwakumar’s age is not known. However, likely, she is still in her teens. Her parents are Nalini and Mohan. Devi suffered a heart attack at a young age, which caused her to be paralyzed for three months. Despite her injuries, Devi maintained her friendship with Eleanor and Fabiola, with whom she became close when she was young.

The film takes place after the death of her father. She and Ben go to the funeral of Mohan. Devi is hesitant to attend, but she is convinced by her friends Fabiola and Eleanor. They are driven to the funeral together. Later, Devi is overcome with emotion and is seen passionately kissing Ben. The actress’s emancipation attempts fail when she accidentally touches her father’s ashes.

Devi is friends with Ben, Fabiola, and Eleanor. She is their girlfriend of Paxton. She is also friends with Ben and Paxton. Fabiola and Eleanor encourage her to date Paxton, but she chooses Ben. Paxton also buys alcohol for the party. Devi is devastated, but her friends console her and make her realize Paxton made a mistake.

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Ben and Aneesa are friends, but Devi is jealous of them. She is even more jealous of Ben. She confides in Dr. Ryan about her feelings. Devi is convinced that Ben can still get together with Aneesa if she stays away from her. Devi’s boyfriend is soon evicted, and she panics. The episode ends with Devi and Ben kissing. The episode ends with an emotional twist, and the show is a must-watch!


Devi feels like dropping her acting career. Her mother left, and she needed someone to talk to. She decides to call Paxton for help. When he calls her back to his house, she finds him having an affair with Eleanor. But she is torn between the two. Her feelings for Paxton are profound, and she is unsure if she should keep acting or drop it.

Ben and Fabiola are her friends. Paxton and Eleanor encourage Devi to go out with Ben, but she has her reasons. Initially, she chooses Paxton but later tells him she wants more from him. As the series continues, she finds that she cannot choose between Ben and Paxton. Eleanor and Fabiola encourage her to date both Ben and Paxton.

After Devi uses a wheelchair for her first year, she goes to child therapy and pleads for a boyfriend. She dresses revealingly to please her target. She breaks down when Eleanor gets a boyfriend. She then asks her classmate Paxton for sex, and he accepts. Devi is left devastated. She doesn’t want to lose her friends and her life.

In the episode “Love,” Devi realizes she is guilty about her two-timing past. She apologizes to Fabiola and Eleanor for letting Paxton into her life. She also tells Eleanor that her feelings for Ben are accurate and that she doesn’t want to be hurt. In the episode, Eleanor tells Devi that she regrets fooling her into thinking Paxton is her boyfriend.


Although it is unclear what age Devi Vishwakumar is, she is believed to be at least eighteen. However, this is not necessarily true. Her mother, Nalini, and father are the only people who know her age and background. The other family members are her sister and aunt. According to legend, Devi’s parents were close, which is one of the reasons her mother was so strict with her. But despite her demanding nature, Nalini is still a mother, and that’s the main reason why she loves Devi.

The book is about Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American Tamil girl. She lost her legs for three months when she was fifteen. Her father died of a heart attack while performing in the orchestra, and she was left paralyzed for three months. Despite her handicap, she overcame this by making friends with Fabiola and Eleanor. This friendship continued throughout high school.

Devi and Paxton start a romantic relationship. Initially, Devi and Paxton decide to date privately. But after a while, Devi finds herself in the company of Paxton, and he realizes that he is too old for her. The two of them spend some time together as they laugh and play. However, their relationship soon starts to turn into something more. It turns out that Devi wants to pursue a relationship with Paxton.

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