Who is Caity Lotz? SURPRISE! Know Ruby Rose’s girlfriend closely!

Caitlin Marie Lotz, aka cat or caity or cait, was born on December 20, 1986, in San Diego, California. This 34 years-6 months old actress is most popular for her role in Mad Men (2007) as Stephanie Horton, Anna Draper’s niece. 

Who Is She Dating?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s actress Caity Lotz is in love and people can’t stop talking about their perfect bond. This fitness freak is dating the first television Batwoman in the town, the stunning Ruby Rose. Caity’s Instagram speaks about the adventurous and loving relationship the gay couple share.

Photo: Caity Lotz with her girlfriend/partner Ruby Rose in December 2020| Source: Instagram

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Caity Lotz’s Fitness Mantra

She is one of the few actresses who perform most of her stunts herself. With the complicated footwork required for the crazy fights, leaps, or any of such sorts, Caity credited her years-long dance training for making it easier. In fact, Caity began dancing professionally quite early in her life. Speaking with Watch! in 2019, she gushed,

 “I started dancing professionally when I was just 17 and performed in a music video for [the pop singer] JoJo.”

Caity has tried numerous things in her life to stay fit. From Muay Thai boxing, parkour, taekwondo, wushu, Krav Maga to Filipino Martial Arts, Caity knows how to move her feet around. After she moved to Los Angeles, she used to do parkour in local schools without audiences with her friends. She shared,

“Friends and I would go to a local school when no one was around and jump off the walls from point A to point B. Parkour helped me to learn how to be careful. When you’re grabbing the wall of a building, something could break off!”

Photo: Caity Lotz flaunting her abs in a two-piece bikini | Source: Instagram

She shifted her attention to martial arts from boxing for its sheer perks of props.

Now I focus on Filipino martial arts. I like it because I get to use weapons like sticks and swords as part of the workout. I don’t find it as tiring as other martial arts because it’s more mental and requires intricate choreography,” she further said. 

Furthermore, Caity finds pilates as “rehab.”

“My body can get messed up from all the physical stuff I do, so with Pilates, I focus more on my core and the right position of the stretch.”

The Arrow’s actress is often found in either gym or simply working out wherever the shooting takes her, and it shows in her body. A fit person always looks hot, but with complimentary abs like Caity’s, it’s unfair that summer lasts just a few months. 

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Photo: Caity Lotz enjoying summer of 2020 in a great printed bikini | Source: Instagram

The Multi-Talented Caity Lotz

This 5′ 6″ (1.68 m) tall, The Machine star is also a great dancer and an amazing singer. She joined the girl group Soccx in 2005. The following year, the group released its debut single called From Dusk Till Dawn (Get the Party Started). Scream Out Loud and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You are the second and third singles respectively released in 2007 and 2008. Soccx’s first album, Hold On, was also out in 2007.

The new season, season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow is now airing, where you can find Caity Lotz in her finest of performances.

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