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Rihanna and Drake have been linked since the late ’90s, but the question remains, who is her boyfriend right now? After all, it’s been three years since Rihanna was arrested for making an inappropriate gesture to a woman. In an exclusive interview, “Fashion Killa” revealed his relationship with Rihanna in a very rare quote. Despite his apparent lack of interest in a relationship with the singer, he still says he wants to get to know Rihanna better.

Rocky’s arrest

Currently dating a pregnant Rihanna, A$AP Rocky faces the possibility of spending a decade in jail if he is convicted of a felony. The rapper was arrested at Los Angeles International airport on April 20 after a police report stated that he was involved in a shooting in November 2021. Luckily, the shooting was not fatal, but Rocky was arrested anyway.

A few weeks after the alleged shooting, cops arrested Rocky for assaulting one of Rihanna’s acquaintances in the year 2021. He pleaded not guilty and was released on bail after paying USD 550,000 in bail. However, his girlfriend, Rihanna, and her baby will have to wait to find out the details of the charges. It is unlikely that Rocky will face trial, and Rihanna is likely to have a child of her own.

The arrest of A$AP Rocky has caused a stir. According to the Associated Press, the rapper dating Rihanna’s 2021 was involved in a street incident in Stockholm, Sweden. Police seized multiple boxes of evidence and took Rocky to LAPD headquarters for questioning. After Rocky paid the victim’s fine, he was released on bail. In the meantime, Rihanna and Rocky welcomed their first child in January. Rihanna has been sharing maternity photos and graced the cover pages of fashion magazines.

The arrest of Rihanna’s boyfriend came after Rihanna had returned from Barbados. The police detained Rocky and took him into custody. He was later released on bail a few hours later. The rapper’s arrest comes amid speculation about his relationship with Rihanna. A$AP Rocky is an American rapper with a long, tumultuous relationship history. He is also a frequent guest on radio stations across the US.

Although many rumors link the rapper to Rihanna, the two have remained committed to each other. According to a source close to the pair, Rihanna focuses on having a baby with Rocky. She even wore a long coat backstage as she listened to his performance. Rocky has also been accused of being romantically engaged to a shoe designer named Amina Muaddi. The rapper later apologized for the rumors.

Regardless of his involvement in Rihanna’s alleged pregnancy, Rocky is still one of her favorite celebrities. Despite the recent scandal, Rihanna has managed to navigate the public side of her pregnancy on her terms. A$AP Rocky has been freed on bail. Although Rihanna was not at the scene of the incident, the arrest of A$AP Rocky was unsurprising to her.

The rapper had his first public appearance since the shooting incident, while Rihanna was at The Smokers Club Festival in 2021. The arrest also came after Rihanna’s arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. After his release on bail, Rihanna was present at the festival. Rocky’s arrest has sparked controversy across the world. However, the two rappers have been spotted together in the past, and Rihanna has never been happier.

Rihanna’s relationship with Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea and Rihanna are dating. They have been linked to celebrities such as Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Kendall Jenner. Earlier this year, Rihanna was linked to rapper Playboi Carti. The couple broke up due to Rihanna’s busy schedule. The two had a rough patch in December, but Rihanna returned in January to confirm their relationship.

The rapper A$AP Rocky was linked to Rihanna in 2011. After their breakup, the singer was engaged to Playboi Carti. Interestingly, A$AP Rocky was six years younger than Rihanna. As a result, many fans don’t know much about the rapper. While Rihanna was rumored to be dating A$AP Rocky, few fans know about the rapper’s previous relationships.

Earlier, Rihanna dated Hassan Jameel for three years. The two split in 2020. Rocky has also been linked to other celebrities, including Chanel Iman and Drake. Rocky and Rihanna were also linked to other stars like Drake, Iggy Azalea, and Chris Brown. Rihanna has dated Drake and Hassan Jameel.

Rihanna and Rocky were spotted exiting a New York studio in July. Rihanna wore an oversized blue shirt and a long white T-shirt. Rihanna completed her look with a yellow hat, white sneakers, and a yellow clutch. On the other hand, Rocky wore a plaid dress shirt, charcoal jeans, and black and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna remained friends for years before their romance became official. Their friendship has also led to rumors of romance. Rihanna has described ASAP Rocky as her “love” and has been dating him for almost a year. Earlier, Rihanna was romantically linked with Kendall Jenner. Rihanna’s relationship with ASAP Rocky was a big deal for the rap star.

Although there is no concrete evidence that the two celebrities are dating, a few of the other notable stars had dated each other before the pair started dating. The relationship was first rumored in January 2020 and ended after nine months. The two were spotted together at the Met Gala in September 2021 and celebrated the release of Wizkid’s “Made for Lagos” album in October.

Rihanna’s relationship with Drake

After years of rumors and speculation, Rihanna and A$AP have finally been spotted together and have been jokingly referring to each other as they love his life. The two have been spotted out and about together and are reportedly planning a family. Although there is no concrete proof, they’ve been inseparable and open about their relationship. Drake is one of the biggest names in music, and Rihanna is no stranger to controversy.

The rumors about Drake and Rihanna’s relationship began in 2016 after the two made appearances at each other’s shows. Although they had separated after the breakup, the two were still close and had a relationship. In January 2019, Rihanna and Jameel were photographed at a restaurant, spending time together while keeping the relationship out of the spotlight. In November 2020, they’ll make their relationship official, and the rumors about a relationship could be true.

While Rihanna and Drake were together briefly during their 2010 collaboration, they didn’t seem serious about it. However, a few weeks later, Rihanna was spotted with Drake again. The pair were seen at a charity concert together. Although they didn’t seem close, they were spotted together at the same event. A$AP Rocky was also spotted with Rihanna, and the two reportedly shared a hotel suite in New York.

Drake and Rihanna have had an on-off relationship for years. However, Rihanna had remained mum about the relationship, despite multiple instances when Drake publicly confessed his love for her. In a recent interview with Vogue, the singer briefly talked about the relationship. However, when Rihanna was asked if the two were still friends, she winced at the mention of Drake.

The singer and the rapper broke up in 2013 but have since reunited as a couple. They’ve been spotted together at sporting events and getting cozy on vacations. In addition, Rihanna is not looking back. She’s officially closed the old love chapter and removed their unique tattoos, which feature a cute picture of the two. Rihanna’s relationship with Drake in 2021 may be a success.

In early 2020, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were romantically linked for a short while. They were first spotted holding hands on a dinner date a couple of days after Rihanna’s breakup with Hassan Jameel. The two also shared photos on Christmas Eve. As it turns out, their relationship will last until 2021. If Rihanna and Drake marry, fans will be excited to see it.

In early 2021, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky spent a vacation in Barbados and met the couple’s families. Rihanna and Rocky were also seen together at the Met Gala. Rihanna wore baggy outfits to match Rocky’s and A$AP Rocky’s outfits. Rihanna also shared her love for A$AP Rocky, a rapper who’s also a billionaire.

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