Here’s Lesley-Ann Brandt from ‘Lucifer’- SURPRISING! Wedding, Husband, Child & more!

The Demon from hell itself, Mazikeen a.k.a Maze from the television series Lucifer is played by South-African beauty Lesley-Ann Brandt. Besides acting, she likes being a great mother to her 4-years-old baby boy Kingston Payne Gilbert among other things.

Photo: Lesley-Ann Brandt with her son Kingston Payne Gilbert | Source: Instagram

Who is the father to Brandt’s 4-years-old son?

Do you remember Todd from the TBS sitcom 10 Items or Less? Or Bill from the episode called The One With Rachel’s Phone Number of the most successful TV show of all time Friends? Well, that handsome guy, Chris Payne Gilbert, fathers Lesley-Ann Brandt’s child. 

Photo: Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Husband carrying their son Kingston in 2018 | Source: Instagram

How did Brandt and Gilbert first meet?

The story began almost a decade ago. In 2012, she first met the American actor Chris Payne Gilbert in Los Angeles. Speaking to Molli Mitchell from ‘Express‘ on November 04, 2020, about the first meet with her husband Gilbert, Spartacus star said,

“We met at the Nancy Banks Acting Studio in 2012 after being assigned a scene together. It was an incredibly hot day in Los Angeles and I was laying down on the living room floor nursing a beer. Chris walked in and looked at me and say he thought, ‘Who is this crazy chick drinking before our rehearsal?’ We talked for the next two hours and laughed a lot, and then at our next rehearsal we kissed.”

Photo: Chris Payne Gilbert with his wife Lesley-Ann-Brandt | Source: Instagram

They had to put a ring on it!

History knows that the kisses never ceased there. The beautiful couple commenced seeing each other. Finally, after approximately three years of romancing as a girlfriend-boyfriend, the pair decided on trading their wedding vows. In September 2015, they got married. Almost two years later, they got pregnant and gave birth to their son on July 18, 2017. The little munchkin is a blonde with a contagious smile. We can tell about the amazing mother-son bonding through Brandt’s Instagram feed. Well, the junior Gilbert makes most appearances on his mother’s social media.

Photo: Lesley-Ann Brandt with her husband Chris Payne Gilbert and their son Kingston Payne Gilbert | Source: Instagram

How did Lesly-Ann Brandt end up in Hollywood?

Brandt was born and raised in another part of the world. The actress hails from one of the best places in the world, Cape Town, South Africa’s second latest city. Then, in her late teens, her family migrated to Auckland, New Zealand. And somehow, a local director discovered her. Well, we fans are thankful to him!

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She got her first, also a big break in 2010 with ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand.’ She continued with her role as Naevia in ‘Spartacus: Gods of the Arena‘ too. With over a decade-long career, she has been busy with work most of her days and it shows in her work credits. Since 2016 alone, she’s the part of almost every household with the super hit show Lucifer. Currently, season five is streaming on Netflix. 

Photo: Actress striking a sexy pose for a fully nude/naked photograph in 2019. Her tattoo is the map of continent of Africa with a dot on Cape Town | Source: Instagram

Here’s a list of her movies:

  • Heartlock (2018), a drama/crime film co-starred by Alexander Dreymon.
  • InSight (2011), a thriller/mystery directed by Richard Gabai.
  • A Beautiful Soul (2012), directed by Jeffrey W. Byrd. Brandt played the role of Angela Barry.
  • Painkillers (2015), an action/thriller movie co-starred by Julia Voth.

Her TV Series credits include

  • Gotham, fantasy/action/crime/drama series where she played the role of Larissa Diaz
  • Diplomatic Immunity (2009)
  • Legend of the Seeker (2010) where she played the role of Sister Thea
  • CSI: NY, she made a guest appearance on the show.

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Fun Fact about Lesly-Ann Brandt

  • Many fans want her as “Gamora” in the Guardians of Galaxy by replacing Zoe Saldana.
  • The actress has a gorgeous voice and she can sing. In fact, she even sang in her current series Lucifer.
  • She flaunts one of her eyebrow with a cut, a perfect demon in skin-tight leather pants in her show. The catch is, she equally carries that brow without a demon costume. Well, her off-screen photographs are the testimonies.
  • Since she lived in a lot of places, it’s speculated that she can speak in a couple of accents. Nevertheless, most of us haven’t heard more than normal Americans.
  • Brandt is from a cape-colored community (South Africa). It is comprised of Asian, European, and African (Afrikaans) heritage.
  • IMDB reports that she stands tall at the height of 5′ 7″ (1.7 m).
  • Her net worth hovers around $75M.

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Video: Lesly-Ann Brandt singing ‘Wonderwall’ in the series Lucifer | Source: YouTube

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