Schitt’s Creek’s Stevie Budd quietly bloomed like a rose among the ‘Roses’!

In the world of Roses, if there’s one character that really stands out in CBC’s breakout sitcom Schitt’s Creek, it’s Stevie Budd. Played by the incredible Emily Hampshire, Stevie is a funny, straightforward, and an almost anti-social girl who within the course of six seasons, becomes a best friend to David Rose. Their friendship is delightful, and her journey is beautiful on its own.

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Schitt’s Creek, created by father-son duo, Eugene and Dan Levy is quickly becoming one of the most loved television series. It follows the life of the wealthy Rose family, who after losing all their wealth, are forced to stay in a motel in a small town called Schitt’s Creek. Stevie Budd is introduced to us as the motel’s receptionist. With John Rose’s sincerity, Moira Rose’s outbursts, Alexis Rose’s charm, and David Rose’s wit, Stevie Budd’s dry humor stand out. The rest of the family is not quite receptive to her sarcasm, but David seems easygoing from the start. And thus begins this unlikely friendship that soon grows into a wonderful everlasting bond.

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“I Have My Own Holiday Tradition. It’s Like The 12 Days Of Christmas, But It’s 1 Day With 12 Bottles Of Wine.”

Stevie is like a girl next door, living in a small town but dreaming of big things in life. And while she doesn’t particularly enjoy working in the motel, within the first three seasons, she ends up inheriting the very motel after her aunt’s death. She is terrified of the fact that now she is caged in the town forever. What unfolds after is her journey, how she grows into a confident businesswoman as co-owner of Rosebud motel. John Rose becomes constant support in this partnership and with his expertise, she learns and grows. So does the Rosebud motel. But that doesn’t mean Stevie changes. No. Her humor, her humility, and her awkwardness are still there, making her all the more lovable.

“I Know Everything About You, About Your History, Your Family, And I’m Still Here.”

And all this while, her friendship with David becomes stronger and stronger. With David, she is real. There is no need for false pretentiousness. They start out as friends with benefits, then decide that they are better off as friends, just friends. Watching them together is so refreshing, as it rarely happens that two characters start off as a potential couple and go on to be best of friends. As complex as David is, Stevie not just supports him, but understands him too. When David falls in love with Patrick, she becomes their biggest support system. On what can be said one of the most beautiful scenes of the series, Stevie comforts and convinces David to stay in Schitt’s Creek. Both David and Stevie struggle with self-love and confidence throughout the series. With each other’s company, their lives become a little bit more tolerable.

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“I Would Rather Be Here By Myself Than Engage In Meaningless Conversation With People I Don’t Care About.”

Stevie’s growth is a lot quieter than that of Roses, but maybe that is why it feels extraordinary. We silently cheer for her in every situation, when she goes on to work in a lousy airline company to explore other jobs, or when she grabs a lead role in the town play ‘Cabaret’. Her romantic life is a mess and so is she, at most times. But we cheer for her. To quote Moira Rose, Stevie is very cool. She was never not cool. It just took her, and us, long enough to realize.

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The show ceased with six successful seasons in April 2021. However, there is still a ray of hope to see Stevie Budd on the big screen as the demand for Schitt’s Creek as a movie is being discussed. In fact, in an interview with Julie Jordan from People in November 2020, the co-creator of the show Dan Levy said,

“I don’t think there’s a single person on our team, cast or crew, that wouldn’t want to come back for a movie.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for the team to return. We hope that it wouldn’t take as long as the Friends reunion.

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