Sarah Levy- Dating Life, Net Worth and more! SURPRISE!

Sarah Levy, 34, is a Canadian actress popularly known as Twyla Sands, a café waitress from the CBC’s sitcom Schitt’s Creek. The television series first premiered in 2015, with six seasons in credits, it ceased in April 2021. However, Levy will stick around the television with her new role, Susan Ireland in the SYFY SurrealEstat, and more.

Photo: Gorgeous Sarah Levy donning a nude-pink gown fro SAG Awards on April 05, 2021 | Source: Instagram

Who is Sarah Levy?

Remember Eli from the rom-com movie Larry Crowne (2011) starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Or Eugene Levy’s assistant from comedy/family film Cheaper By the Dozen (2003)? These might not be long-length roles of the actress, nonetheless, these movies pop up when mentioning her.

Photo: The Levy Family (Dan Levy, Deborah Divine, Sarah Levy, and Eugene Levy) | Source: Instagram

Sarah Levy hails from the family of creative people, the Levy Family. Her mother Deborah Divine, who wrote the 1900’s sitcom Maniac Mansion shares Sarah with her husband Eugene Levy. Eugene is an award-winning actor, producer, writer, director, and Sarah’s co-star in the series Schitt’s Creek. Apart from her father, Sarah also shares the show with her elder brother Dan (Daniel) Levy where he portrays the role of David Rose, son of Moira Rose.

Photo: Eugene Levy with his wife Deborah Divine.(They are the parents of Sarah Levy) | Source: Instagram

Insights on Sarah Levy’s dating life

Sarah Levy’s dating history is rather obscure. Nonetheless, we know about her current romantic involvement with producer/actor Graham Outerbridge. Outerbridge is a known face himself with his appearance in the drama series Law & Order, the sitcom The Britishes (2014), Sci-Fi show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, among many more. 

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The couple made their relationship public through Instagram posts. In May 2018, boyfriend Outerbridge first uploaded Sarah’s single photo from their vacation in Bermuda. The following month, Sarah posted a beautiful photograph with her partner Outerbridge while they were in Lake Placid. The relationship grew stronger and the couple decided to become a dog parent with their fur baby Georgie. 

Photo: Stunning Sarah Levy with her charming boyfriend Graham Outerbridge on July 09, 2021 | Source: Instagram

Sarah is grateful to have an amazing partner like Outerbridge in her life. In fact, captioning one of her Instagram post marking Outerbridge’s birthday on August 10, 2020, she wrote,

Happy happy happiest birthday to the best dang partner a girl could ever ask for. Guess I did something right in a past life. 

But that’s not it because Sarah wore a sparkling diamond ring in the picture. Guess, the couple plans to go grey together. We fans can’t wait to see them trade their wedding vows.

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Image: Sarah Levy with her partner Graham Outerbridge in Lake Placid Lodge on June 18, 2018 | Source: Instagram

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Most googled questions about Sarah Levy

  • Are Dan and Sarah Levy Twins? – No  Dan was born on August 09, 1983. He was about 3-years-old when his younger sister Sarah was born on September 10, 1986.
  • Who is Fred Levy? – He is Eugene Levy’s brother. Since Eugene Levy is Sarah Levy’s father, that makes Fred Levy Sarah’s uncle.
  •  Where did they film Schitt’s Creek? – Schitt’s Creek is a fictional town. The majority of shootings happened in Goodwood, Ontario.
  • What’s Sarah Levy’s net worth?Reportedly, her net worth hovers around $4M.

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