Superman ‘Tom Welling’ skipped college to become a construction worker!

The first murderer of the Earth- Marcus Pierce (Cain from the Bible), probably the most hated character from the series Lucifer is portrayed by the stunning Thomas Joseph Welling, popularly known as Tom Welling. It may sound absurd, however, he sometimes managed to placate the audiences with his good looks despite the evilness he possessed as Pierce. Just imagine- how dreamy could he be in real life? It’s more than you think!

Photo: Young/Joven Tom Welling flaunting his amazing jawline.

Tom Welling’s Brief Background

April 26, 1977, born Welling, is a 44-years-old American actor who hails from Putnam Valley, New York, USA. His parents, mother Bonnie and Father Thomas Welling worked for General Motors until retirement. This Cheaper by the Dozen star has three siblings, two sisters and a younger brother, Mark Welling. Many may recognize Mark from the movie Inconvenience (2008) or Wrestling (2008), as he is also an actor. 

The secret to Tom Welling’s enthralling beauty might be his mixed ethnicity. He’s a quarter British Isles (mostly Irish) and three-quarters German descent. Although this 6′ 2¾” (1.9 m) tall actor was born in Putnam Valley, he didn’t particularly live there for a long time. The actor went to Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware for his freshman year and graduated at 18 from Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan. 

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Young Welling aspired to be a construction worker although he was a decent student academically and played varsity soccer for extra-curricular. Subsequently, he didn’t go to college and commenced working for a construction service site. 

Welling’s Career Path Took Some Interesting Turns

It would only make sense for a dashingly handsome to be in the show-biz. After living his dream as a construction worker for some time, he tried modeling. This new endeavor was a successful one as he became one of the famous models of the time. Yet, Welling’s willingness to explore more led him to be an actor. After a few hustles with auditions, he finally made his big acting debut in 2001 as Superman- Clark Kent in the hit action/fiction series Smallville. In fact, the show is back with its 11th season as of 2021.

Photo: Tom Wellington nailing a shirtless scene in Smallville.

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While being Smallville ele gave him a ride to reach the height of popularity, other projects helped him to spread his charm all over again.

Currently, his movies and TV shows credits include: 

  • Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) & Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) as Charlie Baker.
  • The Fog (2005) as Nick Castle
  • Judging Amy (1990-2005) as Rob Meltzer.
  • Parkland (2013) as Roy Kellerman
  • Draft Day (2014) as Brian Drew
  • The Choice (2016) as Ryan
  • Professionals (2020) as Vincent Corbo.

Insights on Tom Welling’s Married Life

Tom Welling’s married his long-time girlfriend Jessica Rose Lee, founder of Saddle Club lifestyle brand on November 30, 2019. The engagement was in February 2018 after a four-years long love affair. Nobody would have had a clue about the couple’s engagement if it had not been for Lee who addressed her partner Welling as her “perfect fiancé” in one of her Instagram posts. But it wasn’t an official news yet. By August 2018, Welling was already showing off his to-be-wife fiancé on his Insta, confirming the engagement speculations. 

Photo: Tom Welling with his beautiful spouse Jessica Rose Lee on on November 11, 2019 | Source: Instagram

The stunning couple has two children together, the first child Thomson Wylde Welling, 2, and the second kid Rocklin Von Welling, born in June 2021.

Photo: Tom Welling with his beautiful wife Jessica Rose Lee and their first born son on September 2019 | Source: Instagram

Prior Lee, Welling was married to Jamie White. The pair traded their wedding vows on July 05, 2002, only to part their ways after over a decade of marriage. The couple claimed to be the closest friends, however, their bond lost its spark. Eventually, the pair got separated in 2013 and finally got divorced in 2015. 

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Video: Eye pleasing Tom Welling’s clips from Supernatural | Source: YouTube

Did you know?

  • Welling directed the film Smallville: Absolute Justice along with Glen Winter. The movie was filmed at Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.
  • The actor loves spending time with his spouse and kids, specially at their farm with horses.
  • Reportedly, his current net worth hovers around $14M.
  • He played Clark Kent at the age of 24.
Video: Glimpse of Tom Welling playing guitar and singing in the show Lucifer | Source: YouTube

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