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Tom Welling started out as a model, working for various brands including Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein. He appeared in various music videos and auditioned for the TV series Friends. In 2001, he was cast as a karate teacher in the CBS sitcom Judging Amy. From 2001 to 2011, he starred as Clark Kent on the television series Smallville. Welling is also known for his role in the film Cheaper by the Dozen.

In the same year, Welling married Jessica Rose Lee, with whom he shares a son. The actor has a low-key personality and is known for being selective about the roles he takes. His latest project is the new Netflix series Professionals, starring Brendan Fraser of The Mummy fame. The show has yet to receive a second season. In this way, fans of the show can expect more of Tom Welling in the future.

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Since his small-town character, Young has been busy with his other projects. Among them are several films, including the upcoming series The Walking Dead. His recent work as a producer will be an excellent addition to his growing portfolio. In addition to starring in films, Tom Welling is also a sought-after voice actor. He has been hailed as the most versatile Superman. It is no surprise that his voice is heard in many different ways, and he will continue to delight audiences for years to come.

Born in Putnam Valley, New York, Tom Welling has three siblings. He spent his freshman year at the Salesianum School, in Wilmington, Delaware, and later attended Okemos High School in Michigan. During his high school years, Tom Welling was a member of the theater group and played baseball, basketball, and football. Currently, he’s 42 years old. So, where is Tom Welling from?

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After graduating from college, Tom Welling decided to pursue an acting career. His first major role was on the popular television show “Judging Amy,” which starred Amy as the judge and Welling as the karate teacher. Tom Welling soon became a household name and has a devoted fan base. And now, he is a star of several major Hollywood films. But his real breakthrough came in the form of Smallville, a series that has become an enduring hit.

After a brief stint in the United States military, Tom Welling married Jessica Rose Lee in 2002. They have a son, Thomson Wylde, together. Tom Welling’s second wife is actress Jessica Rose Lee. They met in Miami in 1998 and married in July 2002. Their first marriage ended in December 2012.

After a few years of acting, Tom Welling landed his first major role. He was offered a starring role in the teen drama “Smallville” and received more attention from the media. His next role was in Rupert Wainwright’s horror remake The Fog, which is a riff on John Carpenter’s classic movie. During this period, Tom Welling also starred in the comedy series “Special Unit 2”.

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