How To Become Kylie Jenner’s Best Friends? Here’s Yris Palmer’s template!

Kylie Jenner, 23, the giant make-up mogul chooses her friends wisely, especially her best friends. Let’s find out who is one of her closest friends and what’s so special about her. Through that testimony, we’ll draw 101 Mantra to get into Kylie’s inner circle.

Video: Kylie Jenner playing “Who is most likely to…” with her best friends: Yris Palmer, Anastasia  Karanikolaou and Victoria Villarroel

Kylie’s girlfriend Yris Palmer

Yris Palmer, 30, founder of burgeoning cosmetic empire “The Star Lash Extensions”, makes frequent appearances on Kylie’s Instagram feed. Well, that’s because she is Kylie’s best friend. 

The proud Latino Palmer, unlike Kylie, comes from a very humble background of Salvadoran parents. However, the lash business which she began as a side hustle from her parent’s basement anonymously is now a benchmark for its niche. She says that consistency and hard work is the key to success and she doesn’t believe in shortcuts. Along with the success, her life has changed drastically for all the good. Well, Kylie is in her girl’s gang.

Photo: Yris Palmer with Kylie Jenner on a Vacation in December 2020 | Source: Instagram

This celebrity lash artist is a mother to a 4-year-old daughter Ayla Palmer from her ex-husband Staforde Palmer, a soccer player. Alya and Stormi Webster, 3, Kylie and Travis Scott’s daughter are also good friends like their mothers. While the both women’s motivation derives from their daughers, Kylie Jenner has already announced her will to let Stormi takeover the Kylie Cosmetics when the day comes. She shared,

“Stormi is my legacy. I’m raising her to be smart and kind and driven. Maybe she will take over Kylie Cosmetics one day? Only if she wants to.”

How Kylie and Yris meet?

Within a few months, Star Lash fielded high-profile celebrities like Christina Milian and Selene Gomez. Eventually, Yris began doing the bottom lashes and captured Kylie Jenner’s attention. Kylie, then 16, called Yris up for the service. 

“I started doing bottom lashes…and then Kylie saw that…Kylie was probably, maybe like 16 when I started doing her lashes. She was young, she was like– we joke all the time, we are like…yeah, ‘I think you were two when I started doing your lashes,’ shared Yris with Pretty Little Thing on July 25, 2019.

Photo: Kylie Jenner with her best friends- Yris Palmer, Anatasia  Karanikolaou, Sofia Villarroel, Victoria Villarroel, and Carter Gregory in Power Ranger costume for Halloween 2020 | Source: Instagram

Yris began to do the lash extensions for most of the Kardashian girls, and that bonded her even closer to Kylie. Currently, they are both successful business-woman with daughters of similar age. The best friends celebrate festivities together, pretty lavishly. 

What does it take to be Kylie’s best friend?

Kylie is surrounded by highly successful and hard-working women, including her sisters. While her oldest sibling Kim Kardashian is already listed as a Billionaire, Kendell Jenner is in the enlistment race. To anybody to get into Kylie’s inner circle, would require a miracle. In other words, one needs to be a focused, dedicated, and hard-working independent person offering some great service to the market.

Once you get into the circle, learn from the mistakes of Jordyn Woods and be a great friend to Kylie. You should do just fine!

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