Ruby Rose’s 10 facts! Childhood, Dating, Net-worth and more! SURPRISE!

Ruby Rose is an Australian artist born on 20 March 1986 in Melbourne. The 35-year-old actress is the first gender-fluid superhero on television series namely Batwoman (2019). This gay actress has some interesting stories, lets find 10 of them below.

10. Ruby Rose Langenheim came out of the closet at twelve

This Former Gotham city warrior began her battles against the vicious harassment and bullying since she came out of the closet as non-binary at the tender age of 12. The physical, mental, and emotional torture for being a lesbian that came from the other students at her school discouraged Rose, to be honest towards her sexuality. Speaking in an interview with The Guardian on 31 March 2021, she recalled those days when her school’s restroom wall had “we hate Ruby” written on it when she had to cease going to the swimming pool because other girls accused her of checking them out in the changing room. She said,

“It was horrendous, it was little bullying moments like that, that just made me feel like I couldn’t be myself.”

Photo: Beautiful Ruby Rose flaunting her green head and nude lips | Source: Instagram

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9. She, her single-parent, and their cat: all lived in one room

Rose, Orange Is The New Black star was raised by her single mother Katia Langenheim, as the duo left Rose’s father when she was just two. Katia was 20-year-old, an artist and postgraduate student when she conceived Rose. After moving out, the mother-daughter stayed at Katia’s parent’s house in Melbourne sharing a room with their pet cat. After a while, they shifted to a Church House in a nearby Parish, at the reduced lease. She described that home as ”a really nice house, considering we were poor.”

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Church House was temporary, and the duo traveled all over Australia working to make a basic living. Katia even sold their Television, which left no aspect for Rose to dream about everything that she has become today.

8. Her childhood dream was to author a book

Far from the Television world, (as they sold off a TV too), Rose dreamt of being a writer. She shared

“I wanted to write a book for kids that were my age. I just wanted to have a way to communicate and speak to kids like me, who didn’t have someone……I  was just this kid who had no friends, who was super unpopular, got bullied and beaten up at school, and was like: ‘I’m going to be a famous writer.’”

We hope to get our hands on her childhood dream in a bookstore and enjoy the read.

Photo: Ruby Rose playing with her pet dogs in her new couch | Source: Instagram

7. Maybelline New York Australia made her to stop Boxing

Rose began her career as a model and eventually became a presenter on MTV Australia, which gathered significant spotlight. The popularity lured many high-end modeling opportunities, Maybelline New York Australia being one of them. During her association with the beauty brand, Rose was still boxing as an amateur, a sport that could cause immense damage to her looks. She gushed that she would, 

“Still do boxing while I had this Maybelline contract, so my face was all they wanted and cared about cause it’s Maybelline brand. Yeah, I went on to compete, and I won. My mom was terrified and mortified and couldn’t watch the screen the whole time, and Maybelline said, ‘Oh, we don’t know about this,’ so I eventually stopped boxing.” 

6. Rose’s ex-girlfriend publicly accused her for “continued harassment”

Rose and Jessica Origliasso, Australian singer/songwriter got into a catfight on Instagram’s comment section in November 2018. While the argument was ignited from their romantic relationship history, it came out when Rose commented on a photo uploaded by ex-girlfriend Jessica with her new partner Kai Carlton, a singer.

Photo: Ruby Rose in an akward keyword fight with her ex-girlfriend Jessica Origliasso on 18 November 2018. | Source: Daily Mail

Rose starred in Veronica’s music video “On Your Side” in 2008. Subsequently, her bond with Jessica flamed. However, they rekindled their affair in 2016. They dated for two years, as Rose announced her break-up with Jessica in April 2018.

5. Ruby Rose’s romance with the singer and former Disney star Demi Lovato

The long-term friendship of Demi Lovato and Ruby Rose took an uncomfortable turn when Ruby Rose tweeted, “I’m like the one person Demi has slept with that didn’t sell naked photos of her.’

Well, the two were linked before in 2013 after Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato paused dating. It was then, Rose’s bold tweet regarding not circulating Demi Lovato’s nudes. 

Nevertheless, Lovato spoke about it two years later, in 2015, and denied dating Rose. She said,

“I did not have a relationship with Ruby Rose.’

But in 2018, two former close pals finally left all in the past and started embracing their friendship openly. Two were found supporting each other through tweets, cruising together, and enjoying one another’s company. While Demi, 28, is gender fluid and is open to date both men and women, she had found her man-love turned into a fiance in 2020. Unfortunately, the quarantine engagement couldn’t last long and they broke off in just about 60 days. 

However, this non-binary singer officially came out of the closet on 19 May, 2021. Through the twitter, she revealed,

“Today is a day I’m so happy to share more of my life with you all. I am proud to let you know that I identify as non-binary & will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward.”

4. Ruby Rose’s failed engagement with Phoebe Dahl

Phoebe Dahl, a British fashion designer went on one knee at 5 a.m. to put a ring on Rose’s finger in March 2014. Even though Rose was caught by surprise, she gladly wore the ring. The proposal was to get married. The fiancees to walk the altar, sadly didn’t make it to trading I’Dos as they eventually ceased their union.  

3.  Ruby rose had an emergency back surgery in 2019

She went over an agonizing injury around the end of September 2019. With two herniated discs, Rose was at the risk of chronic nerve damage or paralysis. The injury happened during performing stunts. Ruby shared the surgery news with her fans via Instagram, including a video of the actual surgery which she began to caption as, “Well that was fun”.

Currently, she is does frequent adventurous outings. It says, she has fully recovered from the her injuries.

2. Ruby Rose’s present partner

Ruby Rose is absolutely in love with her wife-like girlfriend Caity Lotz, an American actress. Their love story never seems to cease to set new bars for lovers. Ruby’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her current girlfriend either enjoying an adventurous trip or just hanging out. 

Photo: Ruby Rose in a hike with her girlfriend Caity Lotz on December 2020 | Source: Instagram

We, fans can’t wait to see the couple exchange their wedding vows and live a happily married life.

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1. Ruby Rose’s Net-worth

A multi-talented Ruby with a portfolio of being model, DJ, boxer, recording artist, actress, television presenter, and MTV VJ, it’s obvious that she is making a good income. Not to mention, her career-defining role in Batwoman season one rewarded her wisely. Unfortunately, she left the show.

As there’s no confirmation about her wealth possessions, all we can speculate is that her net worth exceeds a few million easily. Her upcoming projects: 1UP is in post-production while The Legitimate Wiseguy where she plays the character named Lisa is under pre-production; which must have earned her decent money.

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